Wedding Videography

So you or someone you know is getting married? Right on, thats fantastic! Or perhaps your are another videographer looking around? You want some work? Contact us. Anyway Roothead studios is your source for the best wedding videography in the state (in our extremely humble opinion). At Roothead we enjoy being a part of one of the most important days in a couples' life, its exciting and fun for us. Our friendly, professional, and never goofy staff is committed to providing a stress free experience while delivering a stunning product. If you think about it, video is one of the only things from your wedding day that you can bring with you into the future. For instance, it might be a better idea to spend your money, (or your families money wink wink) on video rather than super expensive decorations that you'll just end up selling on Craigslist, just saying. Ask anyone who has been married if they wish they had a video of the day and they'll say "Do bears sh!t in the woods?...yes, of course I wish I had a wedding video!" or something to that effect. Roothead Studios can immortalize the memories of your wedding day forever. Holler at us for packages and pricing, or if you have a good recipe you want to share.

Packages and pricing

First of all there are some things you should know. Regardless of the package you choose we bring all of our production gear to capture cinematic and beautiful imagery of your day. Both of the packages include drone services as well (we're licensed and legal, yeah boyee!) Flying the drone is dependent on weather and if we can legally fly in the airspace where your wedding is. Lastly with both packages you get full day coverage. Wedding days are exactly that-DAYS. We understand that there is a lot more to your wedding day than just the ceremony so we come as early as you want and stay as late as you need at no extra charge. Alright down to business:

1 Camera Package $1500

This is a mash up of the entire day set to music. It includes everything that is important: Bride a Groom getting ready, venue details, ceremony, first dance, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc. Make sure to watch our examples above, they will give you a solid idea of what you can expect as a final product with this package.

3 Camera Package $3000

This is our most popular package, it is is a more "documentary style" video. This video includes all the events in their entirety, it includes a recap video as well that is in the style of the one camera package, so 2 videos total. This is a nice option to gather all the parts of your day in a more detailed fashion. In the final edit we will add music to the moments we capture that will blend seamlessly into to the important events that will be filmed in their entirety.