Roothead Studios' Professional Video Services are the answer to your next visual project. Our experience and expertise will help guide you through the process of creating an effective, potent, and original message to reach your audience in the best way possible. From a Kickstarter project to classic television advertising, here at Roothead we specialize in "Bringing it to Life."


Trail 103.3 10th Anniversary

Its important to thank the community that consistently supports you time and time again. That was the goal of this spot for a local radio station, The Trail 103.3. 

It can be tricky to make a visual story out of a medium that is purely Audio. At Roothead we specialize in bringing life to all forms of media, we thrive on the challenge that this brings.





Montana's roads are consistently among the most dangerous in the country. The purpose of this media campaign is to deliver important information to Montana's youth in a fun and relatable way to help make Montana roads a safer place to drive.

Working with the MT Department of Transportation for the past few years has given Roothead a solid background in fulfilling deadlines and budgets while staying true to the clients vision. 



Missoula One Question

For this project we had the pleasure of working with a great local business. In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Liquid Planet wanted to release a "Thank you" video to the community of Missoula that had shown them so much support. Their view of the community also happens to be the same as ours. 

This video offered the unique challenge of working with passersby rather than rehearsed actors, this is something that we at Roothead have become very proficient at. We excel at being able to harness and capture live moments.