2016 is year 4 of "The Missoula Haunted House." We at Roothead studios are excited to bring you this year's Theme: "Quarantine: Death from above" The story goes like this:

One day, unexplained pods started falling from the sky. At first, nothing seemed wrong. In fact, most people didn't even notice. But then, it started. The pods were full of infectious spores that started changing people in the most terrifying and unimaginable way. They didn't effect everyone. No one knows why, but what we do know is if you weren't affected by the spores, it doesn't mean you're lucky. Not by a long shot. Now, the streets are full of blood thirsty monsters looking for their next meal. And the invasion is just beginning...

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Regular line admission is $10 per person.

Express line admission is $15 per person.

Kid's hour admission is $5 per person and includes 1 FREE photo booth session with Magic Zoo photo booth.

 CASH ONLY. There will be an ATM onsite. 

official sponsor

LIQUID PLANET is the Official sponsor of The Missoula Haunted House. Thanks for helping make The Missoula Haunted House a possibility!

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This year The Missoula Haunted House will be running from 7pm to 11pm on every day marked with an X on the calendar above. 

KID'S HOURS will be held on OCT. 29TH-31st FROM 4PM-6PM. During these hours admission is only $5 and includes 1 FREE photo booth session with Magic Zoo photo booth!

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The Missoula Haunted House is located in the Llama barn on the corner of Brooks and Russell at the Missoula County Fairgrounds. There are two main entrances to the Fairgrounds, The entrance on Russell Street and the Entrance on South Ave. When entering from Russell you will drive into the fairgrounds and stay left heading past the ice rink, it will be on your left, and continue onward to the Llama Barn. If you are entering from South Ave. you will need to drive down the long driveway and take a right through a second gate. Drive past the commercial building and the building where voting is held, these buildings will be on your left, and continue driving straight towards the ice rink. At this point you should see the Llama barn kitty corner to your right.  As you reach the ice rink you will take a right and continue to the Llama barn.

Last year's non profit

we will Be announcing the 2016 Non Profit very soon!


Every year we donate a portion of the proceeds from The Missoula Haunted House to a local non-profit. This year we are proud to announce the Watson Children's Shelter as the benefactor of The Missoula Haunted House. The Watson Children's Shelter is designed to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming stay for children in need. Some of the children that the shelter supports have never had a bedroom, never eaten a true family meal, never had toys and art supplies. They often arrive with just the clothes on their backs. At the Watson Children's Shelter they have their own bed, a place for their belongings, rooms for play, crafts, dining and learning. The shelter provides them with clothing, nourishing meals and everything to experience and enjoy childhood. It makes us all at Roothead Studios very happy and proud to be supporting such an outstanding organization.